Out of time design

Knort llaüts design comes from typical mediterranean fisher boats, but with a lot of updates, like the floating flap for exemple. Just out of time looking !!....

Low cruising costs

The diesel and shaft power sistems we use offer very low fuel consumption and upkeeping cost for all your boat's life.

Easy cleaning

Simple design, self-vacuum cockpit and removable upholstery make easy your boat cleaning and desalting after a sea-ride.

              Law draft

Knort llaüt hull, with its low draft, will allow you to approach small creeks and beaches, even unboard and fish with little deep areas.

Take advantage at the most of your searide.

Knort llaüts are very simple boats, but with a safe navegation. The semi-displacement hull have a very good reputation about that, even for hard seas.

Are you tired of the traditional llaüts slowness? Forget it. With only a 100 HP diesel engine, your Knort can reach a 15 N cruising speed, with good stability.No other llaüt can compete with you!